San Cler Yellow Mellow (Sire; San Cler Cream Cracker)                                              

Palomino Pearl                                                                                                                  

PSSM1 & PSSM2 & FIS Negative                                                                                    

Colorgenetics; a/ae/end2/nd2CR/nprl/nPATN1/n

1st Premium & Star mare (Cob Medium)     


SOLD and will leave in spring 2023 to her new owner.                                                                                                              

Cartron Flaxen Sarah


PSSM1 & PSSM2 & FIS Negative

Colorgenetics;  A/Ae/end2/nd2W20/nPATN1/n

1st Premium & Star mare (Cob Medium)     

Des Lions Wild Rose, born 2022

Chestnut & white

PSSM1  neg




Des Lions Spots & Dots, born 2021

Black Appaloosa

PSSM1 & PSSM2 neg

Shandy (sire Shamrock Go-Go)                                       

Chestnut Sabino

PSSM1 Negative, PSSM2 N/P8         

1st Premium & Star & MODEL mare (Cob Medium)     

Taisha of Crossland Horses (sire Son of The Warrior van stal Vlot)

Colorgenetics; A/ae/end2/nd2CR/nTO/TOPATN1/n

PSSM1 & PSSM2  & FIS negative

1st Premium & Star mare (Grai)     

Golden Moon Lady (sire unknown)

Buckskin (colorgenetics; A/a, E/e, nd2/nd2, CR/n, W20/n)  

PSSM1, PSSM2 and FIS negative

1st premium yearling                                                                 

Des Lions Hibernia's Gabrielle (sire unknown)

Bay Appaloosa (colorgenetics; A/a, E/e, nd2/nd2, LP/n, W20/W20)

PSSM1, PSSM2 and FIS negative

1st premium yearling    

AC’s Red Hot Chilli Pepper (sire Hotspot for Des Lions), born 2022

Chestnut appaloosa (AA ee n/LP n/pearl n/W20)

PSSM1/PSSM2 and FIS negative


Cillbara Silver (aka Zilphy_, born 2015

Silverdapple Black

PSSM1/PSSM2 negative

1st Premium & Star (cob medium)


Black Tobiano (aa EE nTO)

Barock Pinto

PSSM1 & PSSM2 & FIS Negative

Una van de Zonnehoeve                                                                                         

(Buckskin) Aa Ee nCR                                                                                                                  


PSSM1 & FIS Negative