SD The Bash (Sire; SD Don's Trooper)

Born 26-03-2018

Colorgenetics; a/aE/End2/nd2W20/W20

PSSM1, PSSM2 & FIS Negative

Will be showed for approval june 2022

Size; 155


The Bash is not our own stallion but we are pleased to have him over for a breeding season! He will be available for external mares. 

Royal Oak (Sire; Vines Oak Leaf)

Born 01-04-2013

Colorgenetics; a/aE/end2/nd2CR/nZ/nW20/n

PSSM1, PSSM2 & FIS Negative

For life approved with NSvT

Size; 1.47


Royal Oak is our own stallion but for 2022  and 2023 he will be in the Netherlands for the season. The most gentle and caring stallion ever! He breeds heavy big foals with tons of feather! And as cherry on top, also quite often a special color and his offspring is mostly female.


In 2022 available @Stal Roseboom in Coevorden (