January 2023

A lot has happened and we have not updated! Sorry!  Januaru 2023 and 3 lovely ladies left for the USA, 2 stunning fillies are on their way to South America and soon a stunning stallion will leave to China.


Besides that we are calmly waiting for the 2023 foals! 

July 2022

Lola, Vevila & her foal Quinn have safely arrived in Czech Republic at their new owners!

June 2022

Our own bred colt named Orion was sold almost directly after birth, he will stay with us till around March 2023 and will stay in France to become a future stud! Proud <3 


May 2022

Our own bred filly is sold to the Netherlands! She will stay with us untill she is about 3 yo so she can grow up @France before starting a career as family horse.

This stunning mare named Blondie will leave us and will go to China! 

This palomino & white filly named Kevay will fly to Colombia!

Nona Mae, a 4 yo silverdapple mare, will join Kevay on her way to Colombia!

And also Caspian, a silverdapple 4 yo stallion, will fly to Colombia!

Our second 2022 foal, named Onyx, is sold as well and will join his 4-ever home in november 2022 @the netherlands


Alejandro van Stal Roseboom left his breeders place in the Netherlands and arrived safe & sound in the south of France!